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The image shows the interior of a bathroom, a room or a space specially designed for personal needs and hygiene of people. The bathroom is viewed from one side and includes a toilet, a sink and a bathtub.

The toilet bowl is located on the left edge, highlighted by an embossed shape, with an oblique line over a horizontal one, representing the toilet seat. This is a plastic, ceramic stand, which attaches to the back edge of the toilet bowl, here on the left edge, for greater comfort and stability. It is oval or round, like the upper mouth of the toilet bowl, and has a lid that can be lowered or raised, when leaning on the toilet tank, as in the picture.

The toilet tank behind the toilet bowl, rendered by a vertical and embossed rectangle, is a plastic container in the shape of a square or rectangle, in which the water to be flushed is stored in, before pushing the button or the flush toilet flap. The tank is connected to the water valve, the toilet bowl and the soil drain pipe. Thus, the tank is loaded with clean water, when the toilet button is pushed, the water is flushed, the toilet is cleaned, and the soil waste is removed on the drain pipe, and the cycle is repeated.

In the center of the image is the sink, rendered by an embossed semicircle, with the straight edge at the top and the round edge at the bottom. The sink is a ceramic wash bowl standing on one leg or fixed to the wall, on the edge of which a faucet is attached with a tap, that supply hot and cold water for washing the face and hands. To the left of the back edge of the sink is a tap highlighted in bold.

Above the sink is a mirror, highlighted by a vertical and embossed rectangle. The mirror is a thin sheet with a smooth glass front layer and a metal back layer, which reflects light and therefore any object in front of it. It is fixed to the wall, above the sink, so that it reaches the level of a person’s face.

The bathtub on the right edge is a deep, narrow container, made of ceramic, plastic, copper or stone for the whole body wash. It can be filled with water or just stand for a shower, depending on the model. The tub is marked by a horizontal and embossed rectangle. At the left end of the tub is a tap highlighted in bold.

The towel rail is a complementary element to the essentials described above and is located between the sink and the bathtub. The rail is a tubular metal or plastic rod, positioned horizontally and attached to the wall. Towels are hung on this rail and it is preferable to be fixed on the wall next to the bathtub. In the image, the towel rail is rendered by a thickened horizontal line, cut in the middle by a large vertical and blank rectangle. This represents the towel.

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