Description of the image

The current image presents the map of the major cities in Bulgaria, along with the most iconic cities, famous for their natural or cultural touristic attractions.

The map of Bulgaria itself is textured in a high relief and outlined with a thickened line.

In the upper side, along the border with Romania, the thick outline is merged with the fluvial border of The Danube River.

The Black Sea, as it is presented in the right edge, it can be depicted by its horizontal and parallel line pattern.

Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, is marked on the middle left side of the country, with a thickened star symbol.

The major cities, with a wide population and a developed economy, are labeled with a big sized, thick dot, and these are the following: Pleven, Sliven, Stara Zagora and Dobrich.

The touristic cities are marked with a thick triangle, and these are the following, from left to right,  meaning from mountains to sea, in the center: Plovdiv, Kazanluk, and Burgas.

Also, from left to right, meaning from the Danube plain to sea, in the upper side, touristic cities are: Ruse, Varna and Balchik.

Historical data

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