(b. 18 March 1957, Bucharest)

Image Description

He is a man of over 35 years, with short, round-cut hair, big eyes, long ears, wearing a suit.

The pattern of small, dense ‘x’ letters represents the hair combed back.

The shirt is illustrated through a pattern of full, accentuated, cramped squares.

The classic jacket is outlined by a curly pattern.

He is wearing a bow tie, depicted through a dotted pattern.


Historical information

Horia Roman Patapievici was born in 18 March 1957 in Bucharest. He graduated from the Faculty of Physics in 1981, and was main scientist for the Institute for Observing Semiconductors (1985 – 1989). He was arrested during the Romanian Revolution in December 1989, but was freed after the escape of Ceaușescu [Bibliography 1]. He became known as a philosopher, essayist and historian of ideas after that year. His debut is in 1992, in the written press. He collaborated with multiple publications, including Revista 22, being a member of the Social Dialogue Group [Bibliography 2], Evenimentul Zilei, and in 2004 he was the founder of the Idei în dialog magazine [Bibliography 3].

Between 1990 and 1994 he worked as an assistant at the Faculty of Physics, but he resigned when he got bored of it [Bibliography 4]. According to his own statements, in the following years he worked as a “freelancer until 2000, according to [his own] principles” [Bibliography 5]. In 1999 the National Peasant’s Party appointed him as a member of the National College for the Study of the Archives of Securitate, where he worked until 2005. Him taking this job was determined, according to his statement, by his belief that he could “do something legal against it”: ‘I said yes, because I wrote against the Securitate countless times, and now, according to the Gauck Authority, we can do something legal against it’ [Bibliography 6]. In 2005, President Traian Băsescu named him chairman of the Romanian Cultural Institute. He was replaced in 1012, during the Social Liberal Union government. Since 2015 he is president of Artmark [Bibliography 7]. During his mandate at the Romanian Cultural Institute, several articles appeared in the local press, criticizing the cultural events sponsored by this institute, including the 2008 New York summer exposition [Bibliography 8].

Amongst his work, there are titles such as Cerul văzut prin lentilă. Eseuri (Nemira, 1995), Zbor în bătaia săgeții. Bildungsroman (Humanitas, 1995), Politice (Humanitas 1996), Omul recent (Humanitas 2001).  



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