Description of the image

The image presents the plan of the Ramada City Center Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria, focusing on a typical floor with hotel rooms.

There are two main wings, one above, elongated to the left, and the other below, elongated to the right.

The two wings of the building consists in more levels and are joined in the middle by a square lobby.

In the lobby there are evacuation stairs behind four elevators, two on the left and other two on the right, which are separated by the hallway and marked with tiny squares filled with a dotted pattern.

The floors are connected by the emergency stairs, which are rendered by thick horizontal and parallel lines.

The hotel rooms in the four rows are marked with  tiny and vertical rectangles symbols, rendered full in relief.

The escape route is tangent to the stairs and is highlighted by a thick, double line on the upper and down corridors, separating the rows of rooms.

At the bottom of the route, is shown an arrow, through a triangle full of relief, which indicates the direction of the emergency exits.

The outline of the whole plan is represented by a thick line.

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