Image description

The image shows a large passenger ship, mechanically propelled by an engine, equipped with multiple multi-storey passenger cabins, for the transport of a very large number of people, viewed in profile and directed to the left.

The ship, also called passenger, has several decks that allow the compartmentalization of the ship’s space in many rooms or multi-storey cabins, here being illustrated only two levels, is equipped with basic accommodation facilities and is used for various types of voyages.

The outer shell of the ship is called the hull and is rendered embossed, has an elongated, rectangular shape, wider where the levels of the cabins are, and narrowed to the left, where it extends to the front or bow.

The windows of the cabins are aligned in two rows and are marked by blank rectangles.

In the left and right edges of the ship, sideways, are fixed safety metal railings, rendered by thickened vertical and parallel lines, crossed above by a horizontal line.

The passenger ship floats on the water rendered by two wavy lines, horizontal and thickened, located below.

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