Image description

The image shows a model of luxury car, known as a limousine, viewed from the profile, facing left.

It is a rectangular, elongated car, low in height, with a body car similar to the Break model, but extended by two or three passenger volumes, being designed with a driver’s cabin separated by a glass wall from the passengers volume.

The main attractions offered by the voluminous space of a limousine, for entertaining purposes, feature:

an extensive and comfortable area;
luxury equipment designed with jacuzzi or hot tub or small pool, bar, table for games of chance / poker;
high-tech equipment, which allows you to relax or spend time on various activities.

The exterior skeleton of the car, also called the body car, is marked embossed.

The headlights and rear lights, left and right bottom, are rendered in a squarish, empty shape.

The wheels at the bottom, left and right edge, have the tires highlighted by embossed circles.

The car has four doors, in profile being shown the front one, next to the driver’s seat, and the one from the back, right, outlined by a blank, thickened line.

The side windows at the top of the car are highlighted by blank rectangles.

At the right bottom edge, there is a man standing, thus positioned to facilitate the comparison of the dimensions of the car to the height of an adult.

Additional data

The limousine is a closed car, which has a body with 2 or 3 volumes, larger in size, with a special interior comfort.

The driver’s seat is separated from the passenger compartment by a partition wall, usually a glass screen.

The so-called “stretch limo”, limousines popular especially in America, are obtained by lengthening the standard sedans by using an expandable central part.

Some limousines also have extravagances such as a jacuzzi and bar.

A very long luxury sedan (with more than four doors) driven by a professional driver is called a stretch limousine.

In some countries such as the United States, Germany or Canada, a “limousine service” is a pre-booked car rental with a driver, regardless of the type of vehicle. It also describes a large vehicle for transporting passengers to and from an airport.

In German-speaking countries, a limousine is simply a full-size sedan, while a long-wheelbase car is called a Stretch-Limousine.


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