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The image shows a small vessel, mechanically propelled by a fuel-driven engine,equipped with fishing trawling, and fish storage and freezing facilities, viewed from side and directed to the left.

The ship, also called a fishing vessel or trawler, is equipped with the basic fishing system called a trawl, meaning a large fishing net or bag-shaped net intended for large-scale industrial fishing.

This trawl is pulled along the bottom of the sea or towed through water to great depths and is sufficiently resistant to heavy weights.

Here the trawl is represented at the right end, from the stern, as a vertical, elongated and embossed rectangle, slightly inclined to the right, from which the net is hanging, shown from side as a thickened line, inclined to the left.

Hence the name stern trawler, because it releases and withdraws the net from the tail of the ship. Stern trawlers are often built with ramps for dragging heavy catches to the working deck.

The outer shell of the ship is called the hull and is marked embossed, has an elongated, rectangular shape, wider at the cabins in the middle, and narrowed towards the ends, where it extends to the top or bow, left and tail or stern, right.

The windows from the cabins, center, are aligned in two rows and are rendered by blank, thin and elongated rectangles.

Above the cabins and superstructure called the navigation bridge, top center, are two masts with navigation satellite antennas and radar at the top, marked by two short lines, vertical and parallel.

The fishing vessel floats on the water rendered by two wavy lines, horizontal and thickened, located below the ship.

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