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The image shows a small ship, mechanically propelled by a fuel-powered engine, equipped with installations necessary for the intervention team to extinguish fires on other boats, on sea shores or seaports, viewed from side and directed to the left.

The vessel, also called a fireboat, is capable of extinguish fires, draw water from other ships, carry many rescued passengers on board , being kitted with lifeboats and several life rafts.

Fire-fighting equipment consists, in particular, of pumps, hose and nozzles, and survival equipment (anti-heat suits, breathing apparatus, diving suits).

The advantage of this ship is the efficient and unlimited source of water supply, pumping directly from under the hull of the boat.

The outer shell of the ship is called the hull and is shown embossed, has an elongated, rectangular shape, wider at the cabin in the middle, and narrowed towards the ends, where it extends to the top or bow, left and tail or stern, right.

The windows, from the fireman’s cabin or the navigation bridge, center to the left, are marked with three blank rectangles.

Above the cabin, in the top center, there is the main mast with satellite antennas and radar at the top, represented by an elongated, vertical and embossed rectangle.

To the left of the mast is an installation with two water pumps, highlighted as rectangular pipes, embossed, inclined to the left.

In front of the cabin, to the bow, the left edge, there is a water cannon, highlighted by the embossed rectangle, inclined to the left, and another on the right edge of the cabin, inclined to the right.

In the middle of the port, the left side, here from side, shown in the center, there is a valve with a hose in the lower left, highlighted by a blank circle and a ladder, lower right, rendered by five small squares, aligned on a column and blank outlined.

The back of the ship, from the stern, the right edge, is left as an empty working deck, reserved for dragging and unloading the lifeboats.

The fireboat floats on the water rendered by two wavy lines, horizontal and thickened, located below the ship.

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