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The image shows a massive six-wheeled vehicle, called a fire truck or special vehicle, used mainly to extinguish fires, viewed from side and facing left.

It is distinguished from other vehicles by the fact that it has a body car specially designed to include all the equipment necessary for the emergency response team.

The truck has a sturdy ladder, which can be long enough to allow the firefighter access to the building, through windows, at different floors, when circumstances do not allow the use of the door.

The emergency ladder is located at the top of the car, marked by an elongated, horizontal rectangle, embossed, in which is illustrated a row of blank squares, these representing the steps, at its left edge being the support on which the fireman stands, highlighted through a larger square cut by an inverted cross.

Below the ladder are necessary items for extinguishing fires, consisting mainly of fire extinguishers, pump, hose, tanks and survival equipment (heat suits, breathing apparatus, intervention tools in hard to reach spaces).

The hose is rolled on a metal bar, under the ladder, in the middle, rendered by parallel and vertical lines.

The driver’s cab on the left is shown embossed and has a squarish door window at the top, at the base of which is a three-step staircase, all outlined by a thick and empty line.

The wheels are characterized by very thick tires, marked by embossed circles, with a blank dot in the center.

A man is standing in the right bottom corner, thus positioned to facilitate the comparison of the dimensions of the vehicle to the height of an adult.

Additional data

A special vehicle for extinguishing fires is a vehicle equipped with installations and reserves with extinguishing substances, intended for extinguishing fires.

According to the type of extinguishing substance, with: water and foam, powder, gas jet, several substances. After endowment (equipment): intervention and auxiliary

Fire trucks are equipped as appropriate with the following specific materials required for interventions: discharge hoses and connections type A, B and C, discharge pipes, various fixed and clogged connections, compressed air breathing apparatus and gas masks, cylinders spare part with compressed air, hydrant key, ABC connection key, lifeline, hose elbow, B-CBC distributor, small water ejector, portable hydrant, hose bridges, steel row, B – C connection reduction, sip with sieve, P6 type powder fire extinguisher, ax – pickaxe, ax, universal curtain / jet water discharge pipe, fire helmet with polycarbonate visor that allows the use of masks, rubber boots, PSI seat belt, protective suit with jacket , trousers, leather gloves and boots, heat protection suit, fireproof blanket, portable motor pump, generator set.

Operation, maintenance, overhauls and repairs to special vehicles are performed according to the technical norms issued by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.


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