Image description

The image shows an airship floating in the air, filled with light gas, hydrogen or helium, called a dirigible balloon, viewed from side, rendered as a cylindrical balloon with an elongated shape at the ends, oval, textured with vertical and parallel lines.

The aerostat in the picture is a zeppelin, a rigid airship, pointed to the left, being made of an aluminum framework, covered by a textile material containing cells filled with warm and light gas, which takes the cylindrical and elongated shape, bulging on sides, providing lift.

At the tail of the zeppelin, the right edge, there are mounted vertical and horizontal stabilizers, similar to the rear wings of the planes, with the help of which the ship could be steered, highlighted embossed.

The propulsion of the zeppelin was made with the propellers fixed next to the engines, mounted at the bottom, right, rendered as inclined pluses, embossed, joined by a vertical line at the top.

At the bottom, under the air balloon, is the engine car, called the gondola, also the pilot cabin, at the front, to the left, highlighted embossed.

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