Image description

The image shows from side an open hopper wagon assigned for the freight trains, intended for the transport of coal.

The wagon is represented in the shape of an embossed and elongated rectangle.

At its base are two pairs of iron wheels, from the side illustrated as two thickened circles, with a dot in the middle, one to the left and one to the right of the base.

The car body or outer shell of the wagon consists of an elongated container or box, made of heavy metal, in which the coal is stored and unloaded on side doors, rendered by a thick, blank and vertical line, positioned centrally.

At the right and left edge of the wagon, on the lower bar, are placed two buffers, highlighted by a short line, thickened and horizontal, with the end joined by a thickened semicircle.

The buffer consists of a piece in the shape of a metal disc, with the role of keeping a certain distance between the coupled wagons and to cushion the shocks between them while moving.

A man is standing in the right bottom corner, thus positioned to facilitate the comparison of the dimensions of the wagon to the height of an adult.

General information

There is one type of wagon for each type of cargo. The reason for such a wide range of wagons is that they are relatively easy to make, especially for manufacturers of metal structures. A wagon is composed of a kind of platform and a container that holds the goods.

Self-unloading freight wagons for coal transport – false, fas or faccpps

Such a wagon is part of the F series and is intended for the transport of coal and other materials that can be unloaded by gravity.

Coal can also be transported with something else, ie the eaos type.

The fake wagon is self-unloading and has 4 axles.
There are almost major differences between fake, do and faccpps, but they are all part of the same series and serve more or less the same thing. All models have 4 axles and a capacity of about 55 tons. However, some have 6 axles, we have seen such models.
The false wagons have 4 unloading doors, two on one side and two on the other side. The doors are located at the bottom of the wagon, and when they are lifted up, the coal falls from the wagon. Their volume is 78 cubic meters and they weigh 25 tons when empty. It has a length between buffers of 14.54 meters, that is exactly as the wagon type eaos. With this type of wagon you can transport gravel, sand, dairy and other small aggregates.

Faccpps type wagons are also part of the F class. They have a trapezoidal shape and a slightly smaller volumetric capacity.

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