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The image shows a very large military ship, mechanically propelled by a fuel-powered engine, equipped with a spacious deck for take-off or landing aircraft, viewed from side and directed to the left.

The ship, also called aircraft carrier or helicopter carrier, is the largest battleship used by a naval force, but also the most expensive, due to the very long dimensions of the deck, the aircraft on board that must be permanently maintained and operated, for which there are necessary complex equipment and installations, but also numerous and diverse military and technical personnel.

The outer shell of the ship is called the hull and is rendered embossed, has an elongated, rectangular, lower and narrower shape towards the ends, where it extends to the top or bow, left and tail or stern, right.

The superstructure or the island is the smallest and the tallest construction on the upper deck of the ship, from where the ship is steered. Here it is marked by an embossed rectangle, central, joined by the lower deck.

The aircraft carrier consists of numerous workstations and rooms assigned for several functions:

  • the wooden-clad flight deck, which stretches almost the entire length between the bow and stern, the extreme left and right.
  • under the deck there are rooms with armament and upper and lower hangars, served by elevators that can transport the heavy aircraft down below the deck into the enormous hangars.
  • on the deck is the superstructure or the island that can consist only of the main workstations installed on it which are the bridge with the control tower, chart room, radar-and-surveillance systems and the flight deck control room.

At the top, on the central superstructure, is the control tower and the main mast with satellite antennas and radar at the top, represented by a vertical shape, elongated,embossed, with short branches on the side.

To the left of the superstructure, on the flight deck, are two helicopters, marked embossed and facing left.

To the right of the superstructure, on the flight deck are four other helicopters, marked embossed and facing left.

The aircraft carrier floats on the water rendered by two wavy lines, horizontal and thickened, located below the ship.

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