Image description

The image shows a massive, ten-wheeled, heavy-duty vehicle, called, after the initials, from the French TIR (Transports Internationaux Routiers, meaning International Road Transport) similar to a truck, viewed from the front.

The heavy truck is a squarish, massive, heavy vehicle with a single driver’s cab, behind which is attached a long platform that carries the cargo.

The exterior skeleton of the car, also called the body car, is shown embossed.

The pair of front wheels is highlighted by elongated, narrow and embossed circles.

The windshield, or front window, is rendered by a large, blank horizontal rectangle.

At the upper ends of the truck are positioned the side mirrors, which allow the driver to see from the side-rear, and are highlighted by vertical rectangles, full in relief, attached to the body car by two lines.

At the bottom of the façade are two pairs of headlights, left and right, which illuminate the road ahead, and are marked by a horizontal and blank rectangle, one large, above, and another thinner, below.

Under the two headlights, in the center, below, is the plate with the registration number of the truck, rendered by a horizontal rectangle, filled with grid texture.

General information

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