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The image shows a massive, ten-wheeled, heavy-duty vehicle, called, after the initials, from the French TIR (Transports Internationaux Routiers, meaning International Road Transport) similar to a truck, viewed from side, facing left.

In the first image the truck is shown from the outside, and in the second, from below, it is shown sectioned, from the inside.

The heavy truck is a squarish, massive, heavy vehicle with a single driver’s cab, behind which is attached a long platform that carries the cargo.

It is distinguished from other vehicles by the fact that it has a rectangular, long platform, at the back of the driver’s cab, on the right, on which various goods are transported, stored in a very large container, in the shape of a horizontal box, highlighted as an embossed rectangle.

Below, sectioned, the soft top or the hard top that covers the goods no longer appears, so different boxes and packages of goods are illustrated, rendered as embossed rectangles.

The body car is uncovered for easy loading, transport and unloading of goods or raw materials.

To carry such a heavy weight, the truck has five pairs of wheels, in the image outlined only those seen from side, highlighted as five embossed circles, representing the tires, in the center of which is a blank circle.

The enclosed body car, consisting of the driver’s cab on the left, is marked embossed.

The cabin door is outlined by a blank and thickened line, and the window at the top of the door is rendered by a blank square.

Under the door is a stair with three steps, marked by short rectangles, horizontal and parallel, mounted to facilitate climbing up and down, due to the big level difference between the ground and the seat inside.

On the left edge of the truck is the windshield or front window, highlighted by a narrow, blank and vertical, convex shape.

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