Image description

The image shows a model of a high-performance electric car, which runs on batteries, being a semi-armored electric pickup, known as the Tesla Cybertruck, seen from side, facing left.

Tesla Cybertruck has a range of over eight hundred kilometers. It recharges electrically from special stations.

It is a square-shaped car, with a triangular roof, with a high height from the ground and a car body, not being as traditional as the other cars.

The exterior skeleton of the car, also called car body, is nonconformist, with a shape similar to a fighter plane, made of very hard and shock-resistant stainless steel plates, represented embossed.

Being a pick-up, there is a driver’s cab, but with four seats, in the front, left, and a cargo bed of the truck in which materials are loaded, on the right, with a length of almost two meters.

The declared load capacity is about one thousand five hundred and eighty-eight kilograms.

The headlights and turn signals on the front, left, and rear, bottom right, are rendered in blank rectangles.

The bulky wheels at the bottom have their tires highlighted by embossed circles.

The car has four doors, from side being shown two, respectively the one from the driver, left, and the back one, right, outlined by a blank, thickened line.

The side windows at the top of the car, which are attached to the vehicle doors, are highlighted by blank shapes.

A man is standing in the right bottom corner, thus positioned to facilitate the comparison of the dimensions of the car to the height of an adult.

General information

If in the past the transport of goods was done by means of wagons drawn by animals, nowadays we use a wide range of ways and means of transport. Depending on the destination and the quantity of materials to be transported, you can use air sport by airplane, shipping by ships, rail transport by freight trains, as well as road transport by means of vans, trucks, vans, etc.

The truck or pick up car is a van for transporting people and goods. Compared to a truck, a pick-up car has smaller dimensions. It consists of the driver’s cab, which has one or two rows of seats, and an open platform for transporting goods. The capacity to transport goods can be extended by attaching trailers. Most vans are powered by thermal engines, diesel.

Tesla Cybertruck is an electric truck concept that focuses on passenger safety. It is made of materials very resistant to shocks and blows. Even the windows are made of a special glass, with increased resistance to breakage. Although it is a large and heavy van, it can reach the speed of a hundred kilometres per hour in about three seconds, depending on the facilities chosen at purchase. 

Did you know that the battery used on some Tesla Cybertruck models would have the capacity of over two hundred kilowatts? This amount can cover a household’s electricity needs for an entire month. 

During the presentation of the Cybertruck, there was an unfortunate incident. When the manufacturer wanted to demonstrate the strength of the windows, unfortunately two of them broke. 



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