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The image above shows a top of the tallest and most representative buildings of the capital city of Bucharest in Romania.

The monuments are rendered full in relief and aligned horizontally, from right to left, as follows:

  • the tallest building in the capital is a multifunctional tower, called skyscraper, respectively, Floreasca City Center;
  • The Romanian Athenaeum is distinguished by the round dome forming the roof and the Greek columns with the pediment of the façade;
  • the building of the Intercontinental Hotel, from kilometer zero of the capital;
  • in the center is the People’s House, now called the Palace of Parliament, being the world’s second-largest administrative building (after the Pentagon) .

At the top of the monuments is a flying plane, on the right, and on the left is a cloud, in the center of which is inscribed the message: Urban Landscapes.

At the bottom there are means of transport, seen from side, respectively, a trolleybus with power lines, framed by two small cars, on the right and on the left, and below there is a subway with four wagons.

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