Image description

The image shows a three-phase electric cable, respectively, at the top it is intact, in the center it is damaged and torn open at the base of the insulating material, respectively the outer shell, and at the bottom its ripped insulation is fixed with Vinyl Patch Tape for Insulation.

In the first image, best case scenario, the electric cable is rendered by a thin, elongated and horizontal rectangle, shown embossed.

The damaged part of the outer shell of the cable is illustrated in the second image, worst case scenario, in the center, by a cut of the rectangle with a broken line.

In image three, the safe case scenario, after the cable was repaired, the exposed torn part was wrapped and patched with an insulating tape.

The insulating tape does not allow the passage of electric current through its material in a dose that is dangerous for the body, so it is widely used by electricians in the insulation and marking of wires, as well as in various repairs.

The insulating tape is shown downside, in the center, by blank shapes, elongated vertically, inclined and attached to each other.

General information

The use of electricity is inevitable nowadays. Electricity can be converted into heat that we can use for heating homes as well as cooking. Electric current can also be converted into mechanical energy and used to propel means of transport. But in addition to these benefits, electricity can also be a source of danger to people’s health and even human lives.

Electrocution is the effect of passing the electric current through a living organism. To understand the effects of electrical current on our body, we need to know that it is a good conductor of electricity and that it is based on electrical impulses. The nervous system and the brain communicate with these impulses, but also the rhythm of the heart is controlled by them. Depending on the intensity of the electrical current passing through our body, we can experience several of its actions on the organism. The moment we electrocute ourselves, our body warms up. For this reason, burns may occur. In addition to the release of heat that can affect the skin, as well as other tissues, the muscles contract involuntarily. Also, the heart muscle, respectively the myocardium can be blocked by an electric shock from the outside. For this reason, the electrocuted person may die.

Now that we know some dangerous effects of electrical current on the body, we need to know the methods of protection against  electrocution. Firstly, we must avoid using wet-handed appliances. We do not plug anything in, we don’t turn on the light, unless we’ve made sure our hands are dry. We also must not use appliances that have malfunctions.

If the power cord or plug in a device has any damage, the problem must be remedied by an electrician. We can recognize a damaged cable after the insulating material, that is if its outer shell is broken, cracked or is even missing. We do not use household appliances in wet environments and do not expose appliances to rain.

Qualified persons, respectively electricians, have professional methods of protection against electric shock. That is why they’re the ones who can fix the problems that have occurred into the household appliances and electrical installations in our homes.

Did you know that electrocution, that is, the one that kills, can also be used to resuscitate a man? The heart works based on electrical impulses. If an electric current passes accidentally through the heart muscle, this is harmful and can even lead to the heart stop of the electrocuted person. This phenomenon is called fibrillation. However, there are times when an electroshock can help restart the heart. The defibrillator is a medical device that emits controlled electrical impulses to the heart through the chest wall. It has integrated sensors that monitor the heart rate. Based on the information from the sensors, the defibrillator sets the intensity of the administered current and determines the optimal time for defibrillation, i.e. to give the necessary shock that can help to restore normal heart rate.



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