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The image shows a large merchant ship, mechanically propelled, by a fuel-driven engine, equipped with a spacious deck for the transport of bulk goods, packed by containerization, viewed from side and directed to the left.

The vessel, also called a cargo ship or a container ship, is used for the freight transport of general containerized goods and may also have a sheltered deck that allows the storage of goods that require special protection.

The outer shell of the ship is called the hull is made of steel plates and is rendered embossed, has an elongated, rectangular, lower and narrower shape towards the ends, where it extends to the top or bow, left and tail or stern, right.

The windows, from the control cabin in the right end, are aligned in a row and are marked by small, blank squares.

On the top right end, at the stern, is the mast with navigation satellite antennas and radar at the top, represented by a vertical line.

To the left of the control cabin is the operator support from where the cargo cranes for loading or unloading the containers are handled. Many container ships have cargo cranes installed on them and consist of two iron scaffolds from which a hook is attached.

On the main deck there are two naval cargo cranes, one at the left end and one at the right end, marked by two thickened lines, one vertical and one horizontal with a semicircle attached to the base, joined by the vertical one at the top.

On the deck cargo holds, between the two cranes, in the middle, are large metal boxes called containers, rendered as embossed squares, lined up in four rows.

The container ship floats on the water rendered by two wavy lines, horizontal and thickened, located below the ship.

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