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The picture shows a teddy bear plush, meaning a teddy as a stuffed animal, drawn as a filled shape that can be easily touched, being raised from the base of the sheet. The teddy bear sits with its paws separated.

It has round and small ears on either side of the head, this head is also round and large with a small oval-shaped snout and a triangular nose in the middle.

It has a round curvy body, and the hands and feet are long and thick, each of them ending in a large round paw.

The teddy bear’s body wants to resemble the living bear that lives in the woods, but much smaller and less fierce. In reality, the bear is covered in a very rough fur, because it is made up of a lot of long and strong hairs, which are meant to keep him kwarm when it is too cold outside or to protect its body from too much heat in summer. But here, this teddy bear is covered by a thin and smooth fur, like all plush toys, the fluffy and delicate animals, because that way they look softer and cozy to snuggle.

The teddy bear’s eyes, at the top of the face, are small and round, like two buttons, drawn in the shape of two blank circles.

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