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The image shows six figures, placed in two rows. Thus three are on the left and another three on the right.

The figure at the top, left row, shows us a boat, viewed from one side. The boat is a tool that floats on water and transports people and can be helpful in rescue missions offshore, fishing, or for boar rides on the lake. The boat is composed of a longer bottom, like a horizontal rectangle with sharp corners on the left and on the right. With its sharp tip, the boat pierces the water, meaning it splits it in two and passes easily through it. It is made of metal, plastic or wood. The triangular top is a piece of cloth called the sail attached to a high pillar, which is called a mast. This thin sail pushes the boat forwards by catching the wind. That is, the wind must blow very strong onto the sail to drive the boat, otherwise you have to sail the boat by hand.

The figure in the middle, the left row, shows us a duckling, seen from one side. The duck is a wild, migratory bird, but there are also domestic species living in the man’s yard. Ducklings are small and fluffy, until they grow into adults, then the down falls and their feathers begin to appear. This is a duckling, with a small, round head, a beak that is arched, with its wings next to the body and the tail on the right edge of the body being short and sharp.

The figure below, left row, shows a dolphin, viewed from one side, while jumping, with his head pointed to the left. The muzzle with the mouth is long and narrow, with a rounded tip. The head is round, the body is oval and narrow towards the tail. The tail is large and split in two. He has a triangular fin on his back called a dorsal fin, which helps him swim. Dolphins are mammals, although they live in the seas and oceans, underwater, but they are born and feed on milk like us humans. They are friendly beings and from time to time they entertain the people on the ships with their playful jumps on the surface of the water.

The figure at the top, right row, shows an elephant, standing on four short, thick legs. It is viewed from one side and has its head pointed to the left. The elephant is the heaviest and most massive animal. He lives, like the giraffe, in the savannah and is called the African elephant. There is also the Asian elephant species, which is smaller and lives in India. People here use it to move from place to place. He is friendly and has a very good memory. They never forget the people they met. The head is round, the body is large, squarish and heavy. The trunk is the most useful organ for the elephant. It is long, looks like a hose and it helps him breathe, feed or interact with others by the sounds it makes. He also drinks water through his trunk. With the end of the trunk, he sucks the water in and then takes it to the mouth below.

The figure in the middle, the right row, shows us a turtle, seen from one side, with its head pointed to the right. It is a slow animal, it walks very slowly, but it lives for many years. Like the snail, it carries a shell like a shield or armor on its back and under its belly, called a carapace, like a hard, very resistant oval box, made of bones, which is its home. When she feels threatened, she retreats into it. The head is elongated with a round tip and the lower legs are short and thick.

The figure below, the right row, shows us a bunny, seen from the front, sitting, with his hind legs bent and his front legs outstretched. He is a timid and fearful animal, very fast when running and jumping. He sleeps very little, always paying attention to the movements around him or sounds. It has a round head with very long and large ears, raised vertically. The body is covered with a fluffy fur.

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