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The figure shows six figures, placed in two rows. Thus three are on the left and another three on the right.

The figure at the top, left row, shows us a tap. The tap is a very important piece controlling the release of a liquid, for example in bathrooms, whether it is in the shower, bathtub or sink. The one drawn here has a round handle above the long, curved pipe through which water flows. Turn on the tap to the left or right to let the water flow or to stop it.

The figure in the middle, the left row, shows us a glass of liquid, it can be anything we imagine, water, juice, lemonade. The glass is square in shape and can be made of glass, plastic or cardboard. Inside is the liquid in the lower half, drawn by wavy thin and parallel lines.

The figure below, left row, shows the face of a hairless man with oval ears on either side of his head, with thin, arched eyebrows above his small eyes, with two tiny nostrils of the nose, place right above the thin lips. The lips are slightly parted, so the man is mouth-opened.

The figure at the top, right row, shows the most well-known symbol for the bathroom or toilet, which consists of the letter W followed by the letter C. The letters are drawn in bold.

The figure in the middle, the right row, shows us a man lying in a bed, side-viewed. The lying person is drawn as a thin and filled shape, easy to touch, being raised from the base of the sheet. The bed is drawn in a rectangular shape. The bed consists of a wooden or metal frame or support, on which is placed a thick mattress and a pillow. The small, round head of the man is lying on the pillow on the left edge of the bed.

The figure below, the right row, shows us an airplane, drawn as a filled shape, easy to touch. The longer part of the center of the plane is the main body where the cockpit and the engine are located. The planes body ends with a tail at the top. On either side of the plane are fixed wings that help it fly at high altitudes above the ground, even above the clouds.

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