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The image shows a baby, seen from the front, sitting, with his feet slightly apart on one side and on the other, and with his hands slightly raised and stretched.

This is a human baby, at the beginning of his life, when it is born from its mother’s womb. It is so small that you can hold it in your palms, very easy to carry, like a puppy.

It has a round, hairless head, with wide ears to the left and right of the head, with small eyes at the top of the face, drawn as two filled dots, easy to touch for they are raised from the base of the sheet.

The nose, which is below the eyes, on the middle of the head, has a flat and wide shape, highlighted here as a tiny thickened triangle, and the lips under the nose are small and thin, marked embossed.

The hands and feet are slightly curved from the shoulders to the elbow and from the elbow to the palms, because the swellings of his body are curvy and soft. So are the cheeks. The palms are like two round donuts.

The baby wears a diaper, a kind of panty that can get dirty and thrown away afterwards. It is drawn embossed, slyghtly raised from the base of the sheet.

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