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The image shows an airplane, viewed from one side, flying to the top right. It is drawn as a filled shape, slightly raised from the base of the sheet, like a bump, consisting of several parts.

The main body of the airplane, the middle part, is the most important, because it covers the engine that moves the plane, together with the cockpit in the front, located at the top right. The front of the plane, upper right, we call it the muzzle of the plane, which is more elongated, ending with a conical tip, slightly rounded.

The back of the plane, meaning the lower left, ends with the tail of the plane, which divides into two short wings, on either side of the tail stem. The tail of the plane helps the plane to keep its balance when it flies, so it stays in the air horizontally, flying at a very high altitude above the ground, even above the clouds. The same thing happens with the large wings on the left and right side of the main body of the plane. These wings, which are attached to the center of the plane, are larger than those on the tail, and are triangular in shape with a cut tip. They help the plane fly in the air and generate lift, meaning flying higher above the clouds, without falling to the ground.

Just as we need legs to stand up straight, that is, to stay still without falling, so the plane needs the middle wings to keep its body in the air. Just as we need our toes to keep our balance when we lean or someone pushes us forward or when we lean on our heels, when we lean back slightly, so the plane needs its middle wings to generate lift, higher in the air or to descend meaning to get down a little. With the tail wings it is a similar story: we rely on our right foot as we lean to the right and we rely on our left foot when we lean to the left, so does the tail wing of a plane. The tail wings control and change the direction of flight, meaning to the left or to the right.

The plane is a means of air transport, which flies above the ground and helps us to move between two or more cities or countries, over seas and oceans, over mountains or continents, much faster than if we went by car, train or ship. It is the fastest of all. It can transport a lot of people and cover the longest distances in a very short time. Like the car, the train and the ship, the plane flies due to an engine. This engine is powered or fed by fuel. Just like us humans, we need to feed on food in order to have energy to move.

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