Image description

The image shows a flower garden, seen from one side, in the image on the left, and seen from above, in the image on the right.

On the left are the flowers grown in a garden, with the long, thin stem raised from the ground.

The ground at the bottom left is rendered as a horizontal line, thickened and wavy. The stems are rendered by thin lines, positioned vertically, slightly wavy.

On either side of the stem are attached the leaves through which the flower feeds in the process of photosynthesis. The leaves are highlighted by ovals of different sizes.

At the top of the stem is the flower with large petals, arranged in a circle. In the middle of them are the stamens and the pistil.

On the right side, the fence delimiting the ground with the planted flowers is shown by a square outlined with a dashed line.

At the bottom edge, in the center is an entrance gate, which is drawn open, marked by a thick and oblique line.

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