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The image shows the portrait of the model, actress and ambassador of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, respectively Catrinel Menghia, an elegant woman, around the age of thirty, with long, wavy and voluminous hair, left parted, when seen from the front, dressed in a gallant, classic outfit and wearing jewelry.

Catrinel Menghia is shown with her hair rendered embossed, falling gently on her right shoulder and resting on her chest, tucked behind her left ear, from the front being located on the right side of the image.

Thus, the ear remains uncovered, and a long earring with a round pearl can be seen, hanging from the earlobe, illustrated as a thickened circle.

She has thick eyebrows, beautifully defined and arched towards the ends, highlighted with two thick lines, above the big eyes.

The nose is carved long, thin, with a round tip at the base, continued by full bow-shaped lips, rendered by two thick, wavy and close lines.

The lady wears a dress made of fine lace cut, thin, with an inverted triangle neckline, marked by dotted texture, at the bottom of the image.

She also wears a jewel-neck, a round neckline that follows the base of the neck, rendered by a thickened semicircle.

Additional information

Catrinel Menghia, famous Romanian model, also known for her roles in the world of Italian cinema, was born in Iași, on the first of October, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-five, in a family passionate about sports, her father being national champion at athletics. But her modeling career followed this sporting competition, exceeded it at the age of sixteen, when she was chosen as a model.

Since then she has worked in collaboration with famous fashion houses like Giorgio Armani, and jewelry like Chopard, posing in numerous sports and women’s magazines like FHM, Sports Illustrated, Elle, associating in various projects and image campaigns with some IT companies, such as Huawei, the internationally renowned company for the production of IT phones and components.

Along with modeling, the career of the famous Catrinel Menghia is also highlighted by acting, starring in Italian films and series such as: CSI – Crimes and Investigations, American series that had a successful debut in two thousand, Catrinel receiving a role in the season shot in the year two thousand and thirteen, the Italian thriller La Città Ideale in the year two thousand and twelve, as well as the most recent production in which she received the lead role in La Gomera, premiered on two thousand and nineteen.

The natural beauty, the elegance, the tenderness, the sporty and dynamic side, the artistic side proved by her passions in acting, photography and painting, but also the knowledge of four languages, respectively Romanian, English, French and Italian, bring her to the forefront of a great notoriety, especially in the United States and Europe, becoming a brand herself. The brand of natural femininity, sensibility and beauty, especially since she recently became the mother of a little girl, which certainly inherits her fondness and intelligence.

In the year two thousand and seventeen, she was named ambassador of the famous Chopard brand, Swiss manufacturer and seller of watches, jewelry and luxury accessories, as well as ambassador of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, being a person dedicated to charitable actions.

The mission of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, Empowering people and communities, is now also the mission of the Romanian Catrinel Menghia. The Andrea Bocelli Foundation was founded in 2011 by Andrea Bocelli and his wife, Veronica Berti Bocelli, to help people in need due to disease, poverty and social exclusion, by promoting and supporting national and international projects that support overcoming these barriers.



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