Description of the image

The current image presents the map of the capital cities of Europe.

The map of the European continent itself is textured in a high relief, along with its islands of Ireland and Great Britain in the top left side, the Scandinavian peninsula in the very North side, and in South, its Mediterranean islands and peninsulas of the following, from left to right: Iberian Peninsula, Corsica island, Sardinia and Sicily islands, Italian Peninsula, then Malta, Creta and Cyprus islands.

Outlined with a thickened line, in the extreme southern region, is marked, from left to right, as it follows: North Africa, Turkey and a little part of Russia.

The capital cities of the European countries are labeled with a big sized, thick dot, and these are the following, in the top side, from left to right: Dublin of Ireland, London of the United Kingdom, Paris of France, Brussels of Belgium, Amsterdam of Netherlands, Oslo of Norway, Copenhagen of Denmark, Stockholm of Sweden, Berlin of Germany, Warsaw of Poland, Minsk of Belarus, and ascending comes Vilnius of Lithuania, Riga of Latvia, Tallinn of Estonia, Helsinki of Finland.

Then, descending goes, from right to left: Moscow of Russia, Kyiv of Ukraine, Chisinau of Moldova, Budapest of Hungary, Bratislava of Slovakia, Prague of Czechia, Vienna of Austria, Vaduz of Liechtenstein, Luxembourg of Luxembourg, Zurich of Switzerland.

The last and down row is completed by the followings, from left to right: Lisbon of Portugal, Madrid of Spain, Rome and Vatican of Rome, Ljubljana of Slovenia, Zagreb of Croatia, Sarajevo of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgrade of Serbia, Bucharest of Romania.

Then descending goes, from right to left, Sofia of Bulgaria, Podgorica of Montenegro, Skopje of Macedonia, Tirana of Albania, followed at the very bottom, in the Mediterranean Sea, by Athens of Greece, in the middle, Nicosia of Cyprus in the right and Valletta of Malta in the left.

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