Image description

The image shows a model of a heavy vehicle, designed for goods transportation, usually with four-wheel drive, viewed from side, facing left.

It is a squarish, all-terrain vehicle, massive, high in height, being equipped with a driver’s cab with two seats in front, and a wide platform in the back, uncovered, framed by four metal walls, used to transport materials.

The model in the image is similar to the Romanian one from Dacia, popularly known as Dacia Papuc, being similar to a slipper shape.

The exterior skeleton of the car, also called the body car, is marked embossed.

The headlights, left, and rear lights, lower right, are rendered in square, blank shapes.

The wheels at the bottom have the tires highlighted by embossed circles.

The car has two doors, from side being shown just one, respectively the one from the driver’s side, left, outlined by a blank, thickened line.

The side windows at the top of the car are highlighted by blank shapes.

A man is standing in the right bottom corner, thus positioned to facilitate the comparison of the dimensions of the car to the height of an adult.

General information

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