Image description

The image shows the inside of a car, viewed from above, facing left.

The body car is marked embossed and includes the frontage in the left, respectively the hood, and the back in the right, respectively the trunk.

The inside space in the middle comprises the passenger volume, consisting of two seats in the front, to the left, the lower one usually being the driver’s, as well as a three-seater sofa, specially designed for passengers, located in the back, right side.

The seats are rendered in dotted texture.

In front of the driver’s seat is the car’s steering wheel, highlighted by a circle with a cross cut in the center.

Between the two front seats is placed the parking brake, marked by a small rectangle with a circle in the middle.

On each side of the car are two open doors, rendered by thick and oblique lines.

The side mirrors are placed on the front doors, marked as embossed and round shapes.

In the corners of the hood or bonnet, the body car metal canopy covering the engine, as well as in the corners of the truck are located the headlights and rear lights, rendered in blank shapes.

Framed by headlights, left and right, are the license plates, highlighted as narrow and blank rectangles.

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