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The image shows a model of a high-speed car with a single seat, also called single-seater, on four wheels, uncovered, which does not provide a roof, viewed from the profile, facing right.

It is a racing car powered by a turbo engine, with an elongated and narrow shape, with a minimum space of the cockpit, with a very low ground height, with a body different from other ordinary vehicles, thanks to the sophisticated technology used in the car. .

The exterior skeleton of the car, also called the body, is fully embossed.

The wheels are much larger compared to the whole body, being at the same level as the rider and are highlighted by full circles in relief.

The rear wheels are usually propelled by the turbo engine located just behind the cockpit,on the right.

Therefore, the height of the car at the rear, left, is higher than the ground, compared to the front, right, where the muzzle of the car seems almost attached to the ground.

The car has no doors, in profile being shown the pilot’s cabin uncovered, illustrated at the top of the vehicle, in the middle, also showing a small and elongated window, outlined with an empty line.

On the right edge is a man standing, as a landmark in the actual sizing of the vehicle.

Additional data

Formula 1 is a motoring competition that is organized annually in the form of two world championships, which take place in parallel, both being sponsored by the International Automobile Federation.

The name Formula comes from the fact that all teams entered in the championship must build their cars (also known as single-seater cars) according to a certain regulation, a formula decided by the International Automobile Federation. The UNU figure comes from the fact that the race is listed as the most prestigious formula organized by the International Automobile Federation.

The two championships are the World Drivers ‘Championship and the World Constructors’ Championship. In the current edition of the championship, 10 teams and 20 drivers participate.

Formula 1 is a sport with a great audience. All stages of the championship are televised in more than 200 countries, the number of those who watch the competition annually being surpassed only by the number of those who watch the matches of the World Cup and the Olympic Games, competitions that are organized every four years.

A Formula 1 car is a single-seater car with an open casing, open wheels with substantial front and rear wings and an engine positioned behind the driver, intended to be used in competition at Formula 1 racing events. the vehicles are unique to the championship and specify that the cars must be built by the racing teams themselves, although the design and manufacture can be outsourced.

Modern Formula 1 cars are made of carbon fiber composites and similar ultra-lightweight materials.

The minimum weight allowed is 740 kg, including the driver, but not the fuel. The cars are weighed with dry weather tires fitted.

Prior to the 2014 season, cars often weighed below this limit, so teams added ballast to add weight to the car. The advantage of using the ballast is that it can be placed anywhere in the car to ensure the ideal weight distribution. This can help lower the center of gravity of the machine to improve stability and also allow the team to adjust the weight distribution of the machine to fit the individual circuits.


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