Image description

The image shows a model of luxury, convertible, classic car, called Buik Electra, viewed from side, facing left, given as a gift to Romania’s former communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

It is a squarish, slightly elongated car with a low body car, designed with a soft top, that being the convertible roof made of fabric, which can be rolled on a fixed frame.

The exterior skeleton of the car, also called the body car, is marked embossed.

The wheels at the bottom have the tires highlighted by embossed circles.

The car has two doors, from side being shown the one from the driver’s seat, in the left, outlined by an empty line.

The soft top is drawn backwards and highlighted by a triangle, at the right edge, filled with a texture of blank and embossed grid.

The bumper at the bottom of the car’s frontage, left edge, is rendered in a rectangle filled with wavy texture.

General information

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