Dr. Roxana Elena Cziker has twenty-four years of experience in research, assessment, rehabilitation of functional vision, and building services for children and adults with visual disabilities, cerebral visual impairment, and additional disabilities.

We are honoured and humbled to have received these kind words from such a great person and special education specialist:

„Access to information has a different meaning in line with the user’s profile, the category of information, and the circumstance in which information is needed. Nowadays, the available amount of information is vast and diverse. I would say rather broad and challenging to handle. The critical question might be how we can reach the targeted information that might answer our “right now “question targeting a particular individual need. The selection of information is a challenge, especially when space, time, technology, and communication are in such rapid motion. This is even more challenging when it comes to people with vision disabilities and IT, engineers, promotors, and passionate experts in providing technical solutions for those people. In this context, I would like to acknowledge the enthusiasm, professionalism, and meticulous attention of Dan Patzelt and his team in creating a new approach and accessibility of information, especially information addressed to the visual system and bringing a solution for “visualizing” by touch environments, spaces, paintings, and even simple pictures, drawing for children. And I am stressing here not only the passion but also the patience and perseverance in searching for techniques and solutions for improving access to those images. As an active member of the team of professionals worldwide working on improving services, tools, and technology for people with special needs, including those with vision impairments, I support and endorse this initiative. This solution facilitates access to information through digital tactile images and opens a new perspective for parents of children and teenagers with vision disabilities and teachers supporting those children’s educational pathways.

I am looking forward to furthering progress in the development of this access technology.”

Dr. Roxana Elena Cziker

Special Education Specialist

Dr. Roxana Elena Cziker is now Manager of Vision2Brain, an international company that provides individual online and in-person services such as screening, educational counseling, functional assessment, and rehabilitation and training programmes addressed to children and teenagers with visual functioning, visual processing disorders, and learning disabilities due to congenital brain defects, acquired and traumatic brain injuries, and other conditions that affect the function of the brain responsible for the processing of visual information.


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