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The image shows a small boat, set in motion by an engine, directed to the left, called a launch, a speedboat or a motorboat.

The boat is a light and fast boat, used to transport people or goods, often used in various operations near a port, such as: fishing in the Delta, water competitions, towing, rescue in emergencies.

Here, it has a deck and has a narrow cabin, located in the center of the deck, but can also be without a deck.

The outer shell of the ship is called the hull and is marked embossed, has a rectangular and convex shape in sides, the upper right corner being more elongated and narrowed, towards the top or bow, in the extreme right.

The back of the boat, right, called the stern is arranged with the engine box that propels the boat, rendered by dotted texture and the propeller, which, rotated by engine energy, moves the vessel at a set speed.

After the bow, on the right, there is a blank, contoured triangle, representing the window on the open board of the boat.

Above the port side, which is the left side of the boat, is a safety metal railing, marked by a thickened horizontal line, fixed on other shorter and parallel vertical lines.

At the bottom of the boat is the water, highlighted by two wavy lines, horizontal and parallel.

Additional data

The speedboat is a floating, deck vehicle, 20 meters long, powered by a motor.

Some boats are equipped with internal motors, others have a rear-mounted engine, which contains the internal combustion engine, gearbox and propeller, in a single portable unit.

The speedboat is made of wood or metal and is used for a variety of purposes: for emergencies, such as search / rescue, firefighting, patrol, control, recreational and sporting activities. Being fast boats, speedboats are an effective way to catch criminals, such as smugglers or drug dealers. Military forces have begun to use the boats to stop international threats, such as pirates, terrorists and traffickers.

Speedboats powered by a gasoline engine appeared only in the latter part of the 19th century, with the invention of the internal combustion engine. The oldest speedboat, powered by a gasoline engine, was tested on the Neckar River by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in 1886.

The first successful speedboat was designed by Priestman Brothers in Hull, England, under the guidance of William Dent Priestman. The company started building their first motorboat in 1888. The engine was powered by kerosene and used an innovative high voltage system. The British company was the first to start large-scale production of the speedboat, and by 1890 Priestman boats had been successfully used to tow goods along the canals.

The English inventor Frederick William Lanchester recognized the potential of the speedboat and over the next 15 years, in collaboration with his brother George, improved the modern motor boat, or boat.

Daimler started production of motor boats in 1897.


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