About Image Creator


Image Creator was built at the initiative of the Urban Development Administration https://www.procivic.ro/en/home/ and it is meant to help teachers and parents of blind children create tactile drawings easily.

The project was financed by The Orange Foundation https://www.fundatiaorange.ro/

This software was developed with the help of Mark MacKay, creator of Method of Action https://method.ac/
You can download the software under the MIT Licence here https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

Follow the great work of Mark MacKay on Twitter https://twitter.com/methodofaction

A big thank you to all of you for helping us empower blind children!



Gratitude letter to our dearest Mark MacKay

Dear Mark,

We are writing this letter in the name of all the blind children in the world to thank you for being an amazing coder, a great artist, a caring and giving person.

If it weren’t for you and your hard work, we would still be struggling today to find a way to help teachers and parents create drawings for their children for free.

You created Method Draw to help anyone make drawings easily, no skill required. And this is exactly what we needed to help teachers and parents create new tactile drawings for blind children.

Your open-source software stands at the core of Image Creator. We used our 10 years of experience with the communities of the blind as an inspiration to adapt Method Draw, to solve some of the educational problems of blind children.

We innovated the software by adding several functionalities such as a library of hight editable SVGs, tactile patterns and dotted lines. One of the most important new features is the background – which allows teachers and parents to use any photo they want to create an overlaid drawing. What is more, we integrated the EDITOR and MAP into the existing software, thus creating a complete educational solution for blind children.

Method Draw is now Image Creator. Here, teachers and parents can create tactile drawings from scratch, upload pictures of actors, personalities, maps to which they can overlap their own drawings and create tactile drawings, portraits, maps.

With you on our side, the Tactile Images e-learning platform is now complete. Thanks to your efforts, we can empower blind children to explore untouchable objects independently and discover the world drawing by drawing.

Thank you for being part of the Tactile Images educational revolution!